Course Description

This course focuses on teaching entrepreneurs how to create, communicate and deliver value to customers while managing customer relationships in ways that benefits the business. The course covers the formulation and implementation of the elements of marketing strategy through the application of concepts of marketing, branding and decision tools.  The course teaches entrepreneurs how to strategize in a competitive market through marketing communications and brand enhancement. Entrepreneurs will learn how to use analytic tools to apply strategy and tactics for marketing, branding, online presence (domestic and globally), and pricing.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, entrepreneurs will be able to:

  1. Understand the customer needs you are meeting and develop marketing strategies for a digital environment. Understand how to use the customer journey map to increase engagement and sales
  2. Leverage social media to support marketing decisions, analyze markets, and gain insight into consumer behavior
  3. Understand how to access online markets
  4. Develop pricing strategies through price-quality, product development, loyalty programs, forecast sales, and development of pricing and promotions



  • Module 1: Understanding your customers and the problem you are solving for them
  • Module 2: Access to online markets – understanding how to effectively use online marketplaces to enhance your online value
  • Module 3: Understanding Pricing, Sales, and Distribution – developing pricing and sales for your product or service, and understanding the best path of distribution for your product


Course Curriculum

Course Overview
Course Overview Details 00:00:00
Module 1- Value Proposition Design
Value Proposition Design Details 00:00:00
Assignment 1 00:00
Module 2 - Online Marketplaces
Online Marketplaces Details 00:00:00
Assignment 2 00:00
Module 3 - Pricing and Business Strategy
Pricing and Business Strategy Details 00:00:00
Assignment 3 00:00
Case Studies and Wrap-up
Case Studies and Wrap-up Details 00:00:00

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  1. Dana VanPamelen22/02/2021 at 16:36Reply



    The pricing information and case studies provided were extremely helpful.

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    The pricing information and case studies provided were extremely helpful.
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    I really like this course, especially the case study. From the angle it come from a business owner can clearly say if it goal is to make his idea become a big company or a startup that's ok with the curent market/selling stage. My second point is the process part, the most difficult think is to connect the team with the goal and mission but that is the most important to set process in daily activities. I would like to learn more about the best team engagement methods. Thanks for this wonderful courses. .
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    I love this course because it allowed me to learn many other tips that I did not master and that I could implement within my different businesses especially the part related to Digital Marketing because it is my life that.
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    extremely interesting.
    Christian Ogougbe
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