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We deploy expertise and financing to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and entrepreneurs to promote inclusion and sustainable development while reducing poverty.

TheHub Program


The Training Course

A 3-8 week course specially curated by industry experts to help SMEs scale their businesses.


Fellowship Program

A 6-month program that provides the support of Management and fellows to build your business brand.


Mentorship Program

A program that provides digital and strategic support and connections to introduce you to global investor networks.


Funding Program

Debt and/or Equity funding from BAYI Foundation and our partners.

Why should you
partner with BAYI?

Elevate businesses' success rate!

Creating an enabling business environment

BAYI Foundation’s programs are built on 3 pillars, one is Financial Education and Inclusion. Small-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for the majority of businesses worldwide and are important contributors to global economic development.
By partnering up with BAYI Foundation you get to be part of that ecosystem of support for small businesses creating an enabling business environment and elevating their success rate.


“TheHub was a pleasant way to spend Saturday mornings, learning from experts and other entrepreneurs”.

“The experience with the BAYI program is one I believe every aspiring SME needs to reach their zenith and should participate in, as it taught me both the basics and general principles to take my business to greater heights.”

“I am really glad my team and I had the opportunity to build necessary foundational skills to run a successful organization. The structure of the program was fantastic and I will highly recommend it to other entrepreneurs.”

“TheHub program is beneficial because it takes different courses and incorporates them into one program for a period. It is not too taxing, in terms of cost and time on the participant.”

“Having gone through challenging times in my business, BAYI Foundation’s program “TheHub” came at the right time giving me insights on the do’s and dont’s in my business. I am optimistic I will experience positive growth with what I have learned so far.”

“My experience in the TheHub program was very illuminating as I learned something new (idea, concept and insight) from the quality cohort members, excellent facilitators and the very organized administrators.”

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