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Are you an African small or medium enterprise looking to scale your business? Do you need business support, resources and funds to grow your business? Then our Program is specifically tailored for you!


Africa & US Programs


The Training Course

Africa: This 8-week program provides executives of SMEs seeking growth capital training in the following key domains:

1. Organization Structure & Succession Planning

2. Financial Management

3. Trade and Digital Finance

4. Marketing and Branding

5. Strategic Management

6. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Training

7. Business Automation

8. Solutions to Legal Challenges

US: This 3-week program provides executives of SMEs seeking growth capital training in the following key domains:

1. Maximizing your Value

2. Maximizing your Cash Flow

3. Increasing your Business Operational Processes

The course teaches entrepreneurs how to strategize in a competitive market through marketing communications and brand enhancement, how to handle their finances, and how their business processes relate to their operations, customers and the delivery of value.


Fellowship Program

This 6-month program supports selected SMEs by leveraging the business consulting skills of mid-career professionals (Senior Fellows) to address pain-points identified during the 8 and 3 weeks training and provides opportunities for undergraduates (Junior Fellows) to gain meaningful work experience through a 6-month internship working with the SMEs under the tutelage of the Senior Fellow.


Mentorship Program

Our experienced mentors serve as facilitators of the 8 and 3 weeks training, giving them first-hand knowledge and understanding of the SMEs and their unique needs. They select which SMEs to mentor and advise based on interest, experience and expertise.


Funding Program

The financing phase is an on-going need-based model designed to provide both debt and equity funding to support promising SMEs. BAYI Capital serves as the fund manager for this aspect of the program.

TheHub Benefits

Why should you apply to our Program

BAYI Benefits to


BAYI Foundation realizes the gender gap and inequity that exists within our community. To close this gap, we unlock the potential of women entrepreneurs by establishing initiatives that target women and young girls. We focus our attention on providing business education, training, valuable business networks, advisory support, skills development, and funding to female entrepreneurs and their businesses to allow them to scale their business operations and have equal standing with men in their business environment.

TheHubTM program empowers women and girls by enhancing the technical capacity of female entrepreneurs while ensuring their companies have access to funding and investor networks. The women are taken through a funnel process from training programs to fellowship to mentorship and finally to funding.  Besides, women and young girls who join our fellowship program, gain access to career development, exposure, mentorship, and experience in a conducive work environment that gives them the much-needed advantage in the labor market.

BAYI Benefits to the


An important factor for any business, organization, or individual joining the BAYI Family is the assurance that their immediate community benefits from their business or activities. BAYI Foundation is keen on ensuring that our community is positively impacted by our actions. Through our initiative programs, we create a ripple effect that impacts the immediate local communities these businesses belong to. An entrepreneur who joins our program gets access to skills, tools, and funds used to scale their business to employ more people, provide for their family, improve their economic status, and spend or invest in their immediate community which then provides more income to the local people around. Also, SME businesses are trained with the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) models that ensure that their businesses are focused on creating sustainable impacts in the community.

BAYI Benefits to


Our youths get meaningful work experience being assigned to our SME businesses in a 6-month internship program.  Two graduates are paired with an expert consultant, gaining practical knowledge of how to operate and manage a business that will be relevant for their own future business or employment opportunities. The experience provides exposure that boosts their employability by improving their profiles and preparing them for possible future ventures. Through this program, we address the issue of skill and knowledge gaps which are barriers to youth employability and success at business enterprises. Also, they get career mentorship by work-shadowing industry experts from around the world, giving them a unique opportunity to get international exposure to best practices that can be adopted locally.  

BAYI Benefits to


SMEs get access to business skills training, digital and strategic mentorship support, and equity/debt funding which would then enable them to scale their business. We provide an ecosystem of support, offering various add-on services thus creating an enabling business environment for the SMEs and elevating their success rate. These services include:

Frequently Asked Questions

No. To get funding and/or investment, your business needs to enroll in the training program then proceed to the fellowship and mentorship stages. Our fellows and mentors recommend your business as being investment ready, along with our due diligence conducted to ascertain the type and amount of funding your business qualifies for.

Our competitive advantage lies in the ecosystem of support that we provide. BAYI Foundation provides an ecosystem that is not only focused on providing capital but also creating impact within the SME and the communities that they belong to. We aid SMEs in securing the foundational expertise needed to create institutional businesses. The SME cohorts who fit our criteria join TheHUB™ program and moved through a dedicated process that is specially curated to equip entrepreneurs with skills that would enable them to scale their businesses. We also provide other services such as: free monthly advisory services by our experienced executives, business pitch trainings and creation/analysis of financial statements trainings. We provide access to discussion webinar series, where we discuss hot topics that impact SMEs, trade and investment gaps globally.

No. Joining the TheHUB™ allows us to build a relationship with you and allows us to have a better understanding of your business. This is ideal for financing.

The purpose of going through all stages of TheHUB™ program is to get you and your business investor ready and equipped with basic and necessary skills on how to manage the business. 

The training program covers very essential business management topics like trade and digital finance, ESG (environmental, social and governance), marketing, strategy, and legal solutions etc. In the Fellowship, the team assigned to you will work to support, analyze, and develop your business model while assisting in achieving your KPI’s and establish a business plan rooted in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals.  The mentor will help connect you with investors across the globe and establish your venture value and capacities that would help you build towards your goals for economic growth, with the aim to equip you with resources and contacts to raise capital for your business.

No. We focus on growing businesses that have: 

  • – A minimum 3 years of operations
  • – At least 1 year of Audited financial statements
  • – Businesses or services that can demonstrate incremental revenue

No, your business will be scrutinized in our selection process to see if your business meets the criteria to join the fellowship program

The criteria to join the program includes:

  • – Complete participation in the training program.
  • – Being be a Product based company is an added advantage.
  • – Willing to work with the fellowship and BAYI teams.
  • – Willing and able to provide audited financial statements (at least 1 year).
  • – Have a strong leadership team, and not led by 1 individual.
We can facilitate a either Debt or Equity capital, ticket sizes of between USD $3Million-$15 Million. And also offers short-term debt financing to a maximum of $250,000.

Audited statements are preferred but Management accounts are also acceptable. We do not accept Bank or Mpesa (Mobile money transfer) Statements.

No, BAYI only lends to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

We are sector agnostic, except for SMEs in the Oil and Gas sectors.

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