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The Management Fellowship Program (MFP) is designed to provide working professionals with a unique consulting engagement through working directly with African companies. The purpose is also to increase market knowledge between developed countries and African business communities, and we believe this exposure will help improve investor appetite for the African market and perhaps reduce the negative sentiment about risks of working, living and investing in Africa.

This program is an unparalleled opportunity for professionals to gain invaluable insight and hands-on experience in Africa while learning the nuances of business operation in key African markets. It is a career development opportunity, an inter-cultural exchange program, and an international networking platform.



We are looking for innovative and driven professionals who have a deep passion for learning about business in emerging markets, especially in Africa. We welcome fellows from a variety of business backgrounds, such as consulting, finance, strategy, general management, marketing, and/or entrepreneurship. It is not necessary for fellows to have previous international experience, but we look for people who demonstrate a genuine interest in working with impact-oriented SMEs in emerging markets.

Junior Fellowship Program Overview

The Junior Fellowship Program (JFP) offers students the opportunity to gain practical emerging market experience while working with professionals in the African business community. The JFP connects African businesses with talented students who work as consultants to address a current business challenge. Students gain valuable experience while providing organizations with creativity, insights, and results.

The JFP is an opportunity for students to jump-start their careers by getting real world experience working with growth-stage companies in key African markets.

The selected fellows are mentored by the management fellows who they work with and report to.

The JFP’s unique approach prepares students to succeed in today’s complex, global business environment. Our fellows will develop skills in leadership, critical thinking, quantitative analysis, and social responsibility. They will learn how to interact professionally with a client, gain industry knowledge from the inside out, and work in a team environment to generate the best results for growing businesses.

We facilitate the placement of our fellows within businesses that are either a portfolio company of one of our partners or are currently under review for investment. We leverage our partners’ exposure to quality businesses to provide a mutually beneficial approach to solving the issues captured by the Foundation’s 3 Pillars.


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